David Le, Physiotherapist

David has a B.Sc in Kinesiology from McMaster University and a M.Sc in Physiotherapy from the Univeristy of Toronto. With an advanced understanding of anatomy, kinesiology and the neurofunctional approach, David’s practice revolves around creating a individualized treatment to restore and improve your movement patterns, so that you can get back to feeling your best.
David is a big believer in manual therapy, corrective exercise, and providing education. His goal is to help you understand the cause behind your discomfort, and working with you to help you achieve long-lasting functional benefit.
David’s credentials beyond his degree include:
    1.    Neurofunctional Acupuncture training from the McMaster. 
    2.    Complete Management Concussion training
    3.    FCAMPT Level 1
    4.    Anatomy in Motion