No other part of the body is subject to so much strain as our feet. They maintain our body’s balance, absorb impact and support the entire weight of the body. Foot structural misalignment can cause heel, forefoot and arch pain; and lead to ankle, knee, hip and low back pain. Custom made orthotic devices are designed to correct structural abnormities, improve irregular walking pattern and reduce pain.

Custom made orthotics is recommended to the following conditions:

  • Flat feet 扁平足
  • High arch feet 高弓足
  • Heel pain 脚跟痛
  • Arch pain 脚弓痛
  • Metatarsalgia 前足底痛
  • Neuromas 神经瘤
  • Pronation 脚内翻
  • Supination 脚外翻
  • Plantar fasciitis 足底筋膜炎
  • Heel spur syndrome 跟骨骨刺综合征
  • Shin splints 胫骨痛
  • Knee/back pain 膝关节或腰痛


Our chiropodist will assess your condition and prescribe custom made orthotics or shoes. Off-the-shelf orthopaedic footwear is also available. The cost may be coverable through your extended health plan.