Warts (verrucae) are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HAV), resulting in over-proliferation of skin. They are common in children, young adults, and immunosuppressed people. Warts are contagious and can be transmitted from one person to another, and some people are more prone to infection than others. It is more likely to appear in moist environments such as communal bathing or swimming areas. Slight skin breaks increase the potential for infection.

Plantar warts (verruca plantaris) are usually found on the weight-bearing surface of the foot. Pain is the main symptom of planter warts, especially while walking.

Treatment options include: CUTERA_EM0107_REVA_0811_118

  1. Chemical: over-the-counter warts remover; salicylic acid; cantharidin acid – Usually takes several months
  2. Cryotherapy: liquid nitrogen – Usually very painful and may require local anesthetic injection
  3. Immunotherapy: increase body’s immune system to reject the warts – Is painless but takes a few months
  4. Surgical excision: requires local anesthetic injection, may leave a scar and turn warts into scar tissue
  5. Laser removal: effective and usually does not leave any scars

(Photo provided by Cutera)

The Cutera GenesisPlus laser uses light to destroy the blood vessels that supply the warts, therefore eliminate the warts. It is indicated for use on all skin types.